The Just Imagine Special Projects Progam has been designed to bring together young and emerging local talent with experienced members of the Arts community. The aim is to help those who want a career in the Arts to get a start by working on a small and specialised project.

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and especially for those in the arts. For us, it was a year where we have decided to find solutions within the current environment that allow us to continue adding to Launceston's culture.   

From a year full of isolation and adversity the concept for a new program allowing us to encourage excellence in youth theatre was born. Providing a mentoring opportunity that few at such young ages are afforded.  Hence the birth of the Special Projects Program.

As a former teacher at the school, it was a natural choice to invite Imogen Kalisch back to write a show that would challenge her leading actors Maddie Elmer & Romana Sutherland.  Lotus received amazing responses from those who saw the show. It was my privilege to witness the effect of such a well written, directed and performed piece on its audience. 

This was undertaken as a 12-week project including the time for Imogen to write the show.  This then provided an opportunity for our 2 teenage actors to learn what it is like in a realistic and professional setting to put a show on as they only had 6 weeks to rehearse the show prior to opening night on 30th September 2020.

But it is not just me who is praising Imogen, Maddie, Romana and Matt our Lighting designer. We received this amazing review from Matt Taylor at DARE Collective.

Missed Lotus Live? Saw it and Loved it? 

You can purchase your own copy to enjoy anytime you want. Remember this show is rated PG - so parents of younger children should watch before letting their children view.

To purchase rights for your own production of Lotus please contact the Writer - Imogen Kalisch directly at .