Just Imagine Youth Drama School proudly introduced its Special Projects Program in 2020.  This program is designed to help Local Tasmanian Theatre Artists develop their careers. LOTUS is the first offering in this program.

Cast & Crew

Lotus ran from 30th September 2020 - 3rd October 2020 at the Earl Arts Centre, Launceston. 

Behind the Scenes

Headshot Imogen Kalisch.jpg

Imogen Kalisch

An Original work from Tasmanian Theatre Award Nominated Director (Iron -  IO Theatre Company) Imogen Kalisch. Imogen explores how 2 Sisters handle life on their own in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. One sister is ready to move on with life with the other is not yet ready to face an everchanging and unknown world.


Imogen as both Writer and Director handpicked her two lead Actresses Maddie Elmer & Romana Sutherland to perform this first run of Lotus. Both Romana and Maddie have worked with Imogen on the previous Just Imagine show Pressure.

Maddie has been a student with Just Imagine since she was 8 years old and turns 18 this year. Maddie loves performance and has also become an Assistant Teacher with the school. As she continues to share her love of acting with a new generation Imogen has chosen Maddie for this roll to encourage her to continue pursuing her dreams.


Maddie Elmer

Romana Sutherland.png

Romana has only been with the school for around 3 years and has blossomed since exploring the naturalistic style of theatre. Romana has been awarded multiple placings in the Launceston Competitions as well as receiving the Rosemary Armitage Award for Excellence in Arts whilst a student at Kings Meadows High School. Romana is now 16 and looking to make acting a career, beginning with her role as a Featured Extra on the Gloaming. Romana is also a budding musician penning the melody that is hummed throughout the show.

Romana Sutherland

Matt Hobson.jpg

Matt from Matt Hobson Productions has a reputation for being one of the best lighting designers in Tasmania. Most recently he designed the lights for the Tasmanian Theatre Awards held in February 2020. 

Matt has been responsible for lighting design on many shows over the years including Godspell for Launceston Musical Society.

Matt Hobson


Producer Amanda Sutherland has been around the Launceston Youth Performance scene for the last 10 years or so, mostly as a parent of a performer before purchasing Just Imagine earlier this year. It is this experience that has sparked her passion for helping young artists develop their careers.

Amanda Sutherland

In the Media

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Dan & Marie - Chilli FM 21 September 2020

Chilli Interview -Matt Garwood, Imogen, Chilli Interview with Matthew Garwood
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More Behind the Scenes

Rehearsal Footage