Covid 19 Policy


The following signage has been placed around the premises.

  • Face Masks and How to Use Them
  • Use Hand Sanitiser
  • Keep Physical Distancing
  • Simple Steps to Stop the Spread
  • Keep it Covid Safe
  • Stop – Do Not Enter
  • Face Masks Required
  • Room Capacity Signage
  • Safe Seating Signs


Staff and Patrons are required to not attend the premises if they have any of the following symptoms.

  • Fever
  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea
  • Poor Oral Intake and Dehydration

If Staff and Patrons have symptoms, they should contact Public Health and organise to be tested and remain isolated until they either receive a negative test or are cleared from Covid.

If positive, Staff and Patrons should notify the business owner Amanda Sutherland and Public Health.  Staff and Patrons identified as positive cases should isolate in accordance with directions from Public Health at the time.


1. Products used for cleaning:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant
  • Spray Disinfectant
  • Hand Soap
  • Dish Detergent
  • Dishwasher Cleaner
  • Hand Sanitiser

2. Hand Sanitiser is available at various points throughout the premises.

3. Cleaning Rosters

    Cleaning rosters listing all touchpoints, items to be cleaned, location, and frequency are available in our Covid located 

    59C Brisbane Street, Launceston Tas 7250.

    Completed Cleaning Rosters can be found at the back.

4. Props used during class or performances are to be thoroughly cleaned after each use.

The Drama Classroom will have a box where used items are to be collected ready for cleaning.

5. Games in the waiting room to be cleaned with disinfectant daily.

Face Mask Policy

As per current public health policy Face Masks are mandated for all persons entering the premises aged 12 and over are required to wear a mask. Persons entering the premises are required to provide their own masks, however surgical masks are available for those who have forgotten.

Students in the Senior class are required to wear their masks at all times with the exception of when performing in front of the class.

At public performances, audience members are required to wear a mask. Staff are required to wear a mask at all times. Performers are required to wear a mask when not on stage performing.


Vaccinations are not a requirement of entry to the premises; however, they are encouraged for the safety of all.

Contract Tracing

All persons aged 16 and over who enter the premises are required to check-in via the Check-In Tas App in accordance with Public Health Requirements. For those who do not have access to the App, a paper option is provided to record details.  Records are to be destroyed after 28 days.

Attendance rolls are to be marked every week.


Due to lack of ventilation in the premises, the following actions have been taken

  1. An Air Purifying Unit has been purchased for the main Drama Room.
  2. Fans for circulating the air will be used in all other rooms until Air Purifiers can be purchased.

Case and Outbreak Management Plan

1. Contact Person

Amanda Sutherland is the contact person for Just Imagine Youth Drama School/Emerge Productions. She is the person who will liaise with Public Health in the event of an outbreak.

2. Staff Roles & Responsibilities

Covid Co-Ordinator

The Covid Co-Ordinator for Just Imagine Youth Drama School/Emerge Productions is Amanda Sutherland

​All staff are required to monitor their own health and not attend if unwell.

  • All staff should keep an eye out for anyone with symptoms and advise the Covid Co-Ordinator of their attendance.
  • Staff are responsible for ensuring all Covid protocols relating to their class are implemented.

3. Vaccination Register

The Department of Health recommends a Staff Vaccination Status Register be maintained.

Our Staff Register can be found in Section 7 of our Covid Folder

4. Site Plan

5. Who is a Close Contact?

Tasmanian Public Health at the time of printing defines a Close Contact as

  • Anyone who lives with or stays overnight in the same premises as confirmed cases
  • Anyone who has spent more than 4 hours in a residential setting with a confirmed case during their infectious period.

Where a significant transmission event has occurred, Public Health may also consider those who were at the setting or venue to be close contacts.

People who have recovered from Covid-19 in the last four weeks, who are not immunocompromised, are not considered to be close contacts

A confirmed case must notify their close contacts so they can follow the requirements to quarantine and get tested.

Just Imagine Youth Drama School/Emerge Productions will work closely with Public Health should a case be diagnosed and has had been on our premises. We will communicate with all Families and Staff in accordance with their directions/advice.

6. What is considered an Outbreak?

At the time of writing the website has not clearly defined what is considered an outbreak.

We will work closely with Public Health in the event of a case to determine if we have an outbreak.

7. There has been a Confirmed Case – What we’ll do

  1. Public Health will contact us to notify us that we have had a confirmed case at our premises.
    1. On receipt of this notification, we’ll enact our Covid Management Plan and work with Public Health to provide a quick and safe resolution to the situation.
  2. We become aware that a confirmed case has visited us, and we have not been notified within 48 hours by Public Health.
    1. We will contact Public and Advise we have had a case on our premises, enact our Covid Management Plan and work with Public Health to provide a quick and safe resolution to the situation
    2. If we become aware that a positive case is present on our premises, we are to ask them to return home. If they do not have suitable private transport, we are to call Public Health for advice.
  3. Once we become aware of a positive case we will commence a deep clean of the premises in accordance with directions from Public Health

​​​8.  Public Health may request the following information in the event of a case/outbreak

  1. Staff Rosters
  2. Staff Vaccination Register
  3. Attendance Sheets
  4. Manual Sign In Register

9. Client Responsibilities

  1. Abide by all Public Health Directions
  2. If diagnosed advise our Covid Contact Person
  3. Contact your close contacts
  4. Advise Public Health of your diagnosis

10. Just Imagine Youth Drama School/Emerge Productions Responsibilities

  1. Encourage all aspects of our Covid Policy to be acted on
  2. Follow directions from Public Health
  3. Communicate situation with Clients
  4. Advise if anyone (staff/client) is considered a close contact

11. Communication of Positive Case

We will notify all Staff & Clients via phone/text, email of any Covid events and what advice has been received from Public Health

12. How Lessons will continue in the event of an outbreak.

If Public Health advises they feel we should close our physical premises for a time being all lessons will take place via zoom sessions so as to maintain continuity of lessons.

 13. After an Outbreak

  1. Once Public Health has advised we can continue as normal the following will happen
    1. Communication of resumption of physical classes will take place via phone/text and email.
    2. Staff and Clients will be invited to attend a meeting to review the Schools experience
    3. Staff will meet to debrief from the experience and
      1. Evaluate how we handled the situation
      2. Review Client feedback
      3. Discuss what lessons can be learnt
      4. Update Covid Management plan