Just Imagine Youth Drama School provides students opportunities to develop skills for stage and life.

Just Imagine Youth Drama School students are given opportunities to perform regularly. 

In addition to our end-of-year shows, we are offered chances to perform at events and functions from time to time.

We share opportunities for our students to gain experience in both Theatre and Film/TV.

Students who enjoy performance have the option of preparing work for the Launceston Competitions which run from May to July every year.

Student work is often showcased on our Social Media outlets. Work showcased includes photos and snippets of performances alongside class activities.

We believe in teaching in an inclusive manner. We encourage our students to explore their own personalities whilst being accepting of those around them.

Parents are welcome to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in our comfortable waiting room.

Drama classes include activities such as:

  • mime
  • improvisation
  • movement
  • voice development
  • scripted work
  • production

Students learn:

  • acting
  • performance skills
  • voice skills
  • confidence
  • social skills
  • interpersonal skills 
  • Valuable life skills such as
    • responsibility
    • commitment
    • teamwork
    • acceptance

Enrolments are welcome all year round.